Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bright lights, big city, all yours!

I have been fortunate enough to travel to every capital city in Australia.  I have traveled extensively in N.S.W, S.A, VIC and of course my home state of Tasmania.  Recently my work took me to Sydney.  I had lived there previously (not by choice) and never once found that experience to my liking.  The return visit this last weekend allowed me to reflect on a few things about life in large urban centres and my overriding thought was simply this:  Why the hell would people choose to live here?  Now I realise that we all have different tastes in life but if you could choose between smogfilled air that sticks to your nostrils like crusty boogers or crisp, fresh air that enlivens your lungs and allows you to breathe without fear of internal pollution, what would you choose?  Or between the idyllic expanses of water and trees at your doorstep and the man-made blights of transport networks that twist and turn like wrestling snakes.  It's obvious isn't it?  Those who love the freshness of body and spirit are those who will understand what I'm saying here.  Sure, you make your justifications on the environmental lifestyle you lead and the ambitions you chase but why would you chase dreams that provide a materialistic reward only.  People, it's time to take stock and inhale the roses.