Friday, June 25, 2010

Gotta love Aker!

It all seems to have died down now but not that long ago, Jason Akermanis, AFL footballer and media identity spoke out on the issue of gay footballers.  If you don't know the story then you wouldn't have to trawl too far back into the news archives to get up to speed.  I'm not going to relate it all now but suffice it to say he was only sharing an opinion on what he perceived as a reality.  There was no 'bashing' or 'hate-fueled messages'.  Simply, an opinion.  It caused a maelstrom of Aker proportions and whilst the media circled in readiness for a feeding frenzy, I spent the time silently clapping my hands in a lonely corner.  You see, my corner is one that applauds the courage of people to come out (pardon the pun) and say it like it is.  Commentators from all corners (except mine) were ready to rip him open and expose his bigotry.  Truth is, they couldn't do it without exposing themselves for what they really are, greedy and obssessed headline hunters willing to sensationalise anything that might fall within the parameters of 'agreed' political incorrectness.  Well here is my message to the press - I NEVER AGREE TO ANYTHING YOU DECIDE!  Good on him for giving his opinion freely instead of hiding behind the safe wall of non-committal that we see so often in people who will only give an opinion if it complements the policy of argumentum ad populum.  To me, they are pathetic.

And if we won't do this...somebody else will.

If I love the internet for one thing then it is for finding new artists that
strike a chord with you. Love this duo and their style. This is a great video.