Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Mother of all Roadtrips - Phase 2 - Melbourne to Merimbula

I have always wanted to visit Merimbula ever since I was a kid as it was a favourite vacation spot for some of dad's brothers and they used to talk about it all the time.  It sounded like my holiday destination for sure.  We traveled along the pacific Highway from Melbourne on an overcast and cool day driving through some towns and villages in Eastern Victoria.  Some of these towns had a welcoming feel whilst others we were happy to pass by ("Just keep your eyes looking straight ahead kids!").  Stopped at Lakes Entrance for lunch and an Ice cream.  Ended up paying $12 for soft serves at some swanky Ice-Cream parlour when we could have gone to Maccas and parted with $3.  Not happy!  Oh well we live and learn.  Hit the road and passed the Vic/NSW border where everyone was happy to pose for a photo ;-) , except maybe Charlotte who had plenty of built up travel fatigue and wanted to share it.  Jumped back into the car and made a dash to Merimbula passing some very pretty towns like Eden.  
Made our way to the Big 4 Caravan park where we had booked and the kids were very excited to see that there was a pool.  We spent 3 nights in Merimbula and mostly explored around the township knwoing that we had a lot of travelling to do.  We eased into the trip nicely here and had a fun time relaxing by the pool and taking nice walks along the beach and boardwalk.  We finished an evening stroll along the boardwalk and saw  a couple of Muslim families fishing.  The mums and daughters all with Hijabs sitting down waiting for their menfolk to catch something.  Not sure if they caught much but good to see families out and about on a beautiful night.

In my opinion Merimbula lived up to the hype.  A great seaside town with a nice feel about it.  Apart from the obvious blights (golden arches) it had a lot going for it.  So much to do for the outdoor/water enthusiast and an fantastic holiday destination...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

3 Guys, 3 Girls and a 'Rago

Firstly this post is just an overture for what will surely be a mammoth effort by my wife but for a man's perspective, and peharps a slightly different view, read on.
The Mother of All Road Trips - Phase 1 - Hobart to Melbourne via Devonport
Took the kids out of school as soon as I finished work on the 9th December 2009. No protestations surprisingly. Next Day fitted out the silver beast with roof racks,boogie boards, luggage pod, DVD players (2) and a tank full of fuel. Enjoyed a quick trip up the Midlands Hwy and met the boat at Devonport. A pleasant trip over despite the fact we had a few school groups on boards. Teachers were very much on the ball and had them despatched by 9pm. Kudos to them.
Isaac got lucky and got the boat ride over while Blanche and the others got to fly Tiger(and made it)
Spent the night of the 11th with the Lawlesses before heading off early on 12th December for Merimbula...