Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wiia Kaha

Hey, saw this story on the news and thought I recognised someone at about 00:38 seconds.
Looks like a Wiifessional.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Gotta love Aker!

It all seems to have died down now but not that long ago, Jason Akermanis, AFL footballer and media identity spoke out on the issue of gay footballers.  If you don't know the story then you wouldn't have to trawl too far back into the news archives to get up to speed.  I'm not going to relate it all now but suffice it to say he was only sharing an opinion on what he perceived as a reality.  There was no 'bashing' or 'hate-fueled messages'.  Simply, an opinion.  It caused a maelstrom of Aker proportions and whilst the media circled in readiness for a feeding frenzy, I spent the time silently clapping my hands in a lonely corner.  You see, my corner is one that applauds the courage of people to come out (pardon the pun) and say it like it is.  Commentators from all corners (except mine) were ready to rip him open and expose his bigotry.  Truth is, they couldn't do it without exposing themselves for what they really are, greedy and obssessed headline hunters willing to sensationalise anything that might fall within the parameters of 'agreed' political incorrectness.  Well here is my message to the press - I NEVER AGREE TO ANYTHING YOU DECIDE!  Good on him for giving his opinion freely instead of hiding behind the safe wall of non-committal that we see so often in people who will only give an opinion if it complements the policy of argumentum ad populum.  To me, they are pathetic.

And if we won't do this...somebody else will.

If I love the internet for one thing then it is for finding new artists that
strike a chord with you. Love this duo and their style. This is a great video.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This is harder than I thought...

Well, if the road to hell is paved with good intentions then my path is gilded.  I wanted to get this whole mainland trip blog done before the excitement of it all had worn off but just couldn't seem to find enough time to sit down at the computer to do it so here is a scaled down version.  Now where did I get to?  That's right, Gosford.  After the beautiful stay at Merimbula we headed for Lou's with a few stops on the way.  The kids hadn't quite got the whole 'long haul' business yet but I felt they were beginning to turn a corner.  We bought an extra DVD player for the trips so the girl could sing along with Zac Ephron and the boys could hit the ropes with Nacho Libre, Arriba!!!  They still had their moments but it was okay considering the pain of the 500 - 600kms we were trying to cover in one day.  Stopped at a few places on the coast but really loved Kiama.  It had a really nice, relaxed feel and somewhere we will want to go back to.


What was cool: Catching up with Dan and Lou and kids, Playing Wii, Terrigal Beach, Seeing AVATAR!
What was not cool:  Sunburn!  (I was so down on myself for not reapplying and suffering the consequences of that decision.)


What was cool:  Big Banana water park, Pool at the resort, the CH jetty
What was not cool:  Kid's pee in some of the attractions at the Big Banana Water park; Infections gained from the resort pool (not me thankfully)

Miami, GOLD COAST - 

What was cool:  Christmas with the Lawlesses and Ma and Pa Page (Man when those guys get going on Christmas eve it's a real crackup);  Theme parks; Great surf;  AVATAR in 3D!; Catching up with Kit and Jean and others; Theme parks; Tambourine mountain

What was not cool: Pus from the infections (once again, not mine)


What was cool: Indoor petting zoo at the local shopping mall; Mangoes falling off the trees;  Bat's everywhere in the dusk sky.

What was not cool:  The hotel without air conditioning.


What was cool:  Seeing how much this place had changed since I served there in 1989;  Sitting in the hotel swimming pool as the sun set.  Magic times!!

What was not cool:  The weather.  38 degrees of the driest heat you'll ever feel; Trying to find somewhere open on Saturday night where we could get dinner that wasn't KFC, Hungry Jacks or Maccas; Seeing how hard it must be for people to work the land in the harsh times.

GOSFORD part 2:

What was cool:  Taronga Zoo.  Would have to say that it's winning the zoo war against Melbourne.  A brilliant bird show that's worth a few viewings!;  Ferry rides; Darling harbour water fun.

What was not cool;  The cost of things.  6 gelatis = $37 - Box of 6 Heaven Ice creams from the Woolies at Paddy's = $7;  Getting beaten at Wii by Dan and Isaac (I hate losing!!!!!)


What was cool - Questacon; Parliament House;  The War Memorial!!!! (Double tick);  Some of the pictures Blanche took on her camera (which have subsequently been stolen)

What was not cool - Not spending another couple of nights in Canberra.  So much to see and do.  Really disappointed we didn't go to more places;  Running into some Hutchins kids at Questacon (AAAARRGGGH can I not escape them????)


What was cool:  It was an op-shop heaven although we didn't find much;  This really tall guy I took a photo of (NBA scouts should check this out.)

What was not cool:  Albury.  Bit of a dump.  Only good thing going for it is that Wodonga is even worse;  The hotel we stayed in.  Creepy.


What was cool - Getting to the Australian Open after a 21 year hiatus (a bit more expensive this time around) and getting to see the womens champ on the practice court with her substantial 'asset' on display;   ; The kids having a good time with their cousins;  Kicking back with the Lawlesses;  An enjoyable trip home with Reubs on the boat;  

What was not cool:  Doing some special 'Anthony' Exercises and then paying for it the next 1, 2, 3...5 days.(Has inspired me though - Thanks Tone); Seeing a van catch fire just before we were about to get on the boat(Not ours thankfully);  Our holiday coming to an end.


What was cool - Our holiday coming to an end

What was not cool - .Blanche's camera getting stolen first week back at church.

Well that's it.  I feel somewhat cleansed now but here's looking forward to our next trip in 4 years time - The RED CENTRE!!!

P.S. - Forgot to mention the biggest highlight.  Spending lots of time with Blanche and knowing that when we got home we'd have even more time alone whilst all four kids were at school.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Mother of all Roadtrips - Phase 2 - Melbourne to Merimbula

I have always wanted to visit Merimbula ever since I was a kid as it was a favourite vacation spot for some of dad's brothers and they used to talk about it all the time.  It sounded like my holiday destination for sure.  We traveled along the pacific Highway from Melbourne on an overcast and cool day driving through some towns and villages in Eastern Victoria.  Some of these towns had a welcoming feel whilst others we were happy to pass by ("Just keep your eyes looking straight ahead kids!").  Stopped at Lakes Entrance for lunch and an Ice cream.  Ended up paying $12 for soft serves at some swanky Ice-Cream parlour when we could have gone to Maccas and parted with $3.  Not happy!  Oh well we live and learn.  Hit the road and passed the Vic/NSW border where everyone was happy to pose for a photo ;-) , except maybe Charlotte who had plenty of built up travel fatigue and wanted to share it.  Jumped back into the car and made a dash to Merimbula passing some very pretty towns like Eden.  
Made our way to the Big 4 Caravan park where we had booked and the kids were very excited to see that there was a pool.  We spent 3 nights in Merimbula and mostly explored around the township knwoing that we had a lot of travelling to do.  We eased into the trip nicely here and had a fun time relaxing by the pool and taking nice walks along the beach and boardwalk.  We finished an evening stroll along the boardwalk and saw  a couple of Muslim families fishing.  The mums and daughters all with Hijabs sitting down waiting for their menfolk to catch something.  Not sure if they caught much but good to see families out and about on a beautiful night.

In my opinion Merimbula lived up to the hype.  A great seaside town with a nice feel about it.  Apart from the obvious blights (golden arches) it had a lot going for it.  So much to do for the outdoor/water enthusiast and an fantastic holiday destination...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

3 Guys, 3 Girls and a 'Rago

Firstly this post is just an overture for what will surely be a mammoth effort by my wife but for a man's perspective, and peharps a slightly different view, read on.
The Mother of All Road Trips - Phase 1 - Hobart to Melbourne via Devonport
Took the kids out of school as soon as I finished work on the 9th December 2009. No protestations surprisingly. Next Day fitted out the silver beast with roof racks,boogie boards, luggage pod, DVD players (2) and a tank full of fuel. Enjoyed a quick trip up the Midlands Hwy and met the boat at Devonport. A pleasant trip over despite the fact we had a few school groups on boards. Teachers were very much on the ball and had them despatched by 9pm. Kudos to them.
Isaac got lucky and got the boat ride over while Blanche and the others got to fly Tiger(and made it)
Spent the night of the 11th with the Lawlesses before heading off early on 12th December for Merimbula...