Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wiia Kaha

Hey, saw this story on the news and thought I recognised someone at about 00:38 seconds.
Looks like a Wiifessional.


Dawn said...

Joe's hoping Sam Neil and William Defoe saw him on the news and might want him as an extra!
Just kidding. The wii has been the best electronic gadget Joe has ever bought. He's getting lots of exercise and can't wait for Moana to send him the wii 'Get Fit' pack. I like the look of the bike riding one. He has mastered the cricket game and of course we all know he's the master of the bowling!!! Oh how I hate being beaten, and by a, a, a, .... a champion!!!

Blanche said...

so was that that the Woyal Hobart Hospital Wiiabilitation Unit???